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The Pittsburgh region has the assets your business needs to succeed: LOCATION: within 500 miles of nearly half of the U.S. buying power; COST - Pittsburgh's labor costs are low (97% of teh U.S. average; WORKFORCE - 36 colleges and universities producing 36,000 graduates annually; INNOVATION - $3 billion invested in R&D annually; QUALITY of PLACE - 'Most Livable Place in the Continental U.S.' (The Economist), low crime rate, diverse, affordable housing, plentiful arts and culture, year-round outdoor recreation options, green building leader. Add to these a stable regional economy that continues to outperform the U.S. asa whole and key U.S. benchmark cities. If you're looking to grow an existing U.S. presence or establish one, Pittsburgh is a powerful choice. Let the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, with its range of complimentary economic development services, including PittsburghProspector.com – our regional real estate database – make it easy to imagine growing your business here. Economic Development Services PittsburghProspector.com
F.N.B. Corporation Names Pittsburgh as Headquarters

F.N.B. Corporation Names Pittsburgh as Headquarters

F.N.B. Corporation – the parent company of First National Bank of Pennsylvania and now the second largest bank holding company in Pittsburgh – has formally named Pittsburgh, Pa. as its corporate headquarters. The company, originally headquartered…
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  NAIOP's Development Highlights Pittsburgh Region's Industrial Rebirth

NAIOP's Development Highlights Pittsburgh Region's Industrial Rebirth

Pittsburgh has been regarded for many things over its 250-plus year history, and the "Steel City's" ties to steelmaking and manufacturing have always been top of mind worldwide. The advent of advanced manufacturing saw a distinct downsizing of the behemoth mills...
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