Top ‘o the Monday from Dublin

by on September 24, 2013

GoogleDublin2Yesterday was a jam-packed Monday with a lot of activity to promote foreign direct investment into the Pittsburgh region to business and corporate leaders in Ireland.

A highlight was a life sciences and medical devices seminar at UPMC Beacon Hospital in Dublin. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center – or UPMC, as it’s known – is headquartered in Pittsburgh.  Not only is it our region’s largest employer, but it’s a $10 billion global healthcare enterprise with a footprint in Ireland.  UPMC operates Beacon Hospital, providing by this strategic partnership, access to its center-of-excellence healthcare services.  Given UPMC’s academic mission and its focus on cutting-edge medicine, UPMC Beacon employees, in partnership with leading consultants, provide some of the most technologically advanced acute care, including cardiac surgery, specialized cancer treatment and orthopaedic and neurological surgery.

Pittsburgh:  A Best-in-Class Business Investment Partner for Healthcare/Life Sciences

It’s striking, to me, to be a city like Dublin – so far my Pittsburgh – and to see the familiar UPMC brand connected to an institution such as Beacon Hospital.  It underscores that the world is a much smaller place than we realize, and it reinforces that the best can’t be bound by borders.  The familiar UPMC brand here in Dublin is just one of many similar signs of Pittsburgh’s global influence and impact.  Our discussions at the hospital this afternoon with business investment decision makers underscored the unique symbiosis of life sciences, medical devices, advanced manufacturing and information technology that exists in Pittsburgh.  Providing for the total care and treatment of patients all over the globe, regional companies and organizations are cultivating lifesaving technologies, medical device advances, regenerative medicine and pharmaceuticals.  And we’re seeking partners in Ireland, the UK, all over Europe – and beyond – who want a best-in-class North American partner with whom to do business.  Our track record of success in this sector primes Pittsburgh for partnerships with other like-minded global companies desiring to expand life sciences and healthcare advances, create mutual prosperity and provide for the greater wellbeing of people everywhere.

The “Pittsburgh Gathering” at Google Ireland

GoogleDublin1Capping a solid day in Dublin was a very special event at Google Ireland, the global headquarters for the company’s European operations.  Under the umbrella of the hundreds of “Gathering” celebrations happening all over Ireland this year was a “Pittsburgh Gathering.” In the midst of one of the planet’s best known and most influential tech companies, we celebrated existing Pittsburgh-Ireland ties and fostered new ones, including the kindling of relationships with alumni of Pittsburgh universities – especially Duquesne University, which was so well represented – and other expats of the region now working abroad.  It was lively evening and a great opportunity to amplify the region’s own tech acumen (not by accident, Pittsburgh itself has an ever-expanding Google R&D center), the business investment prospects that the region offers and the plentiful Pittsburgh jobs and careers awaiting individuals who are ready to return.

Check out photos from last night’s “Pittsburgh Gathering.” Next stop: Manchester – a UK city whose transformation mirrors Pittsburgh’s.  More to come here and on Facebook and Twitter, too. Follow the trip at @pghregion or @PeggSuzi.