Bob Hurley on Growing Investment & the Economy in Allegheny County; Part I of a Bi-Weekly, 10-Part Series

by on April 18, 2016


Part I of a Bi-Weekly, 10-Part Series

PRANAIOPQuotesBobHurlyNote:  The Pittsburgh Regional Alliance (PRA) invited each of its economic development partners from the 10-county region to tell us about what is top of mind for them when it comes to marketing their counties – and the Pittsburgh region – for business investment.  We provided 10 questions and asked our partners to respond to some or all of them, providing fresh insight and perspective at the micro (county) and macro (region) levels. 

Here are some of the responses that Bob Hurley, director of economic development, Allegheny County, shared with us.


Q: Which sector or industry is on your list of “rising star(s)” and why? 

With Google, Uber, Apple, Microsoft and many more tech companies expanding or opening new locations here, the tech sector has risen to unprecedented heights within the county.

Q: At the heart of America’s industrial heartland, our region has a long history and a big reputation for making things. We are well poised to be in the lead of a resurgence of “made-in-America manufacturing.” What stands out about manufacturing in your county right now?

What quickly comes to mind is how technically advanced our manufacturers are – the new and sustainable advances that our local manufacturers are making in each of their respective fields is impressive.  From new energy efficient building products to advances in the tool and die industry, companies here are proving that they are not content to just be role players in their field, but want to lead and pioneer new technologies within their industries

Q: Foreign direct investment:  it puts our region on the global map, and investment from other parts of the world is fuel for our e conomy.  Which country is the leading international investor in your county, and name a global company in your region that’s exceptional?

Germany plays a significant role within Allegheny County. Bayer, Covestro, LANXESS and Siemens all have made Allegheny County home and employ large numbers of people in our region.  LANXESS, which was a Bayer spin-off has been especially successful over the past 10 years as its own company, and we expect Covestro, a 2015 Bayer spinoff, will mirror that success.”

Q: In short, how would you characterize your county’s value add to package that is the 10-county Pittsburgh region?

Allegheny County’s value comes through our skilled workforce, world class international airport and public transportation, unique and successful partnerships, world-class universities, state-of-the-art medical facilities and an affordable cost of living that allows both companies and families to prosper in ways that other locations do not.”

Read the complete article, “Take 10 [Questions],” featuring responses from all of the region’s economic development professionals.  The piece was originally published in the Pittsburgh Business Times as part of a supplement for the NAIOP Pittsburgh 23rd annual awards banquet in March.

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