Pittsburgh Re-made – Manchester and Beyond

by on September 16, 2013


The buzz for the Pittsburgh region is building in Manchester, UK – thanks to a great partnership between the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance (PRA) and the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. Although not official sister cities, Pittsburgh and Manchester have a lot in common around their strategic transformations from cities driven by industry to cities now fueled by knowledge and innovation.

Here’s an article, “Thirty Years in the Making: Pittsburgh Re-made,” published by the chamber, detailing Pittsburgh’s progress over three decades and our excitement to be in Manchester marketing the region.

If you want to follow what is happening in the UK and Ireland, follow the PRA (@pghregion) and our VP of Global Marketing, Suzi Pegg (@PeggSuzi) on Twitter. Find more information here: Ireland and UK Bound: the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance.