Pittsburgh Companies Are Driving the Autonomous Vehicle Revolution

by on September 29, 2017

The Pittsburgh region is in the fast lane when it comes to autonomous car research, development and deployment. We’ve grabbed attention globally because of prominent self-driving car players like Uber, Argo AI, Ford, Delphi and Aurora Innovation opening offices here and hiring talent from local institutions like Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. But our region’s reach in the industry extends well beyond cars and into vehicles disrupting other traditional industries.

Rich Lunak, president and CEO of Innovation Works and managing director of Riverfront Ventures, recently penned an article on Medium that takes a much broader view of the region’s impact on the development of autonomous vehicles used in other sectors, like manufacturing, healthcare, defense and agriculture, to name a few. He pointedly notes Pittsburgh has deep bench strength in the industry, providing details on many Pittsburgh-grown companies that haven’t received as much attention as self-driving car operations.

“During recent years, Pittsburgh has quietly nurtured a number of companies that are developing autonomous vehicles for a variety of large and disruptive market opportunities. And while we’re less likely to run into these products on our drive from the North Shore to East Liberty, they also represent huge opportunities that you might miss if you’re only paying attention to the autonomous cars driving down the roads in our region.”

He goes on to highlight a slew of autonomous vehicle companies in the region, like Aethon, Bossa Nova Robotics, Carnegie Robotics, Identified Technologies, re2 and Seegrid.

Check out Rich’s post here for more on why Pittsburgh is at the epicenter of this opportunity that’s poised to disrupt many industries.