Our Pittsburgh Region in a New (Spot)light: A Special Report in fDi

by on January 4, 2017

By Suzi Pegg, Vice President, Global Marketing

The Pittsburgh Regional Alliance is pleased to see the new year start with a spotlight on the Pittsburgh region in the pages of the latest fDi – the Dec. 2016/Jan. 2017 “Best and the Brightest” issue.  That spotlight is a special, six-page report, “Pittsburgh Powers Up:  From Steel City to Tech Titan.”

When it comes to getting the word out to the world on where the smart options are for international business investment, fDi (Foreign Direct Investment) – a publication of London’s Financial Times – is, in my opinion, the go-to resource.

The flagship publication of globalization, fDi provides corporate execs and other business investment decision influencers around the world with the insights that help them make informed choices about where in the world to form strategic bilateral partnerships or – better yet – to locate or expand a business presence.

A complement to the global marketing efforts I lead on behalf of the region, this special report, we hope, will send a strong message that the Pittsburgh region is open for international business investment and bilateral business partnerships with companies overseas.  Such a message is perhaps more critical now than ever to send as internationally headquartered companies consider their investment options as a new administration prepares to take office in Washington, D.C.

The report was made possible with support from the R.K. Mellon Foundation.  Featured, as it is, in one of the most regarded publications on globalization, the report will go a long way in helping to introduce the region to global investors (or refresh the perspectives of those who already know Pittsburgh) on all that we have to offer, with a particular focus on our many assets in support of Industry 4.0, including additive manufacturing, robotics and cyber security.

Enjoy the read and the opportunity to perhaps see our region in a new light.  I encourage you to help extend the reach of the report by sharing it with many of your business colleagues and contacts.

Read and print a full version of the fDi Special Report